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Check below, there are some important information you may need to look at, before you hire a nanny or maid with us. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, don’t worry, give us a call and our customer support will be happy to help you:

Nannies and Maids Visa Status:

As all of our candidates are legally allowed to work in London, however it is the employer’s responsibility and obligation to pay their national insurance and tax.

The majority of our candidates will already have a N.I.N (National Insurance Number), but some of them may need to apply for a N.I.N once they have started the employment, or else they are not able to apply for one N.I.N until they are in employment. However don’t worry, once you have found the right nanny or maid for you and your family we can help you, and put you in contact with a specialist so that you will get the right help .

What about Holidays??

If you wish to take your employee on holiday with you, if she is a non-EU Foreign National, you will need to contact and apply to the Embassy of the country you are visiting to obtain a visitor’s visa for her to travel with you. Please allow plenty of time to organize the visa and go with your employee when they have to go to the Embassy.

Working Hours

All our candidates applying for full time will be happy to work around 40-50 hours per week, depending on your needs and the agreement you will have with them. Usually over 5 days per week. Maximum 10 hours per day for a full time.

  • The part time usually works for 5 days a week for 5 hour per day, more than 5 hours per day and it will switch to full time, however the minimum amount of hours is 20 per week.
  • We suggest you during the phone interview, if you think the candidate is the right one for you to discuss about weekly hours to work, starting and finishing time, breaks, days off and daily duties. Once you have clarified those point you will be ready to start the probation period.

Holiday Entitlement

There are laws that entitle all employees working in UK to be entitle of paid holiday, for all the detailed info check out this link: -

  • The rule is all the employee will get one week every 3 months worked, but this is just a general rule, more info will be found in the link above.
  • Bank Holidays are included as part of the nanny or maid annual paid holiday, and are not taken as extra days above and beyond the annual entitlement.
  • However you can decide the holiday plan directly with the candidates, it is not rare that the candidates will go back in their home country once a year, but this will change from case to case.
  • You will also agree with the candidate for unpaid holidays if any.

Contract of Employment

Once you are sure that the nanny or maid is the right one for you, you can issue a Contract of Employment within the first three months of employment. This will protect you as much as the employee.

However if you still have doubt or questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we can also provide you a contract template that both parties can fill up and sign.


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